Creating a Wholefoods Kitchen

In this workshop we’ll be exploring the journey to a kitchen and pantry humming with whole foods goodness. We’ll be working on the practical steps to remove processed and packaged foods from your life and replace them with nutritious (and sensible) alternatives. What does a whole foods pantry, fridge and freezer look like? What’s a practical way to organise your whole foods pantry? What are some of the basics that would be reasonable to make every week? Is it going to cost me more, and what about the time preparing food from scratch takes?

Held in the dining room at Buena Vista Farm looking over the kitchen garden, this workshop is designed to inspire you to make whatever changes you need to feed yourself and those you love a diet full of goodness and nourishment, as simply and sensibly as possible.

Includes handmade tea and Buena Vista coffee with samples of quick and easy nutritious snacks, plus a recipe and information booklet.

Your teachers: Fiona Weir Walmsley (Buena Vista Farm) with Karina Shepherd

About Karina:

Karina is a passionate wholefoods cook with a love of using quality, local ingredients and eating real food. Coming from a background in procurement and human resources, Karina became a mum to three spirited kids and decided that a well-stocked kitchen was a pretty good place to be.

About Buena Vista Farm:

Buena Vista Farm is dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture and to encouraging people to make connections around where their food comes from. We are passionate about strong local food systems and about nutrient-dense, whole foods in everyday kitchens.

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