We were very lucky to have the lovely Luisa Brimble visit recently (accompanied by the equally lovely Emma Bowen). I’ve been admiring Luisa’s gorgeous photography for ages and was thrilled when she offered to visit on a workshop day and take some shots for us. Hooray!

When you’ve got your eyes to the ground pulling out fireweed and you’re running through clouds of flour every day and are too busy worrying about fences to actually look at the paddocks, it’s absolutely wonderful to see this place through Luisa’s eye.





Yeah our office really sucks.





Is it windy where you are? All our infrastructure is portable (and we live on a hill) so big winds kind of freak us out. We’ve been battening down hatches, moving chicken caravans into sheltered spots, keeping the brooders covered. We lost the trampoline, I believe it is in the hedge on it’s way into the coffee grove, but the windmill is standing, the chicken caravan doors haven’t blown off and all the children are accounted for. So we’re winning.




All images today by Luisa Brimble