salad days

My fella Adam loves salads. Kind of unexpected in a bloke, you'd perhaps think the big classic roast dinner or lovely Italian pasta might be the big hitters (that's me TOTALLY projecting, they'd be my favourites right there) but Ad loves a salad. Pretty much anything green and fresh.  Here's one I made on Sunday […]

why it’s wonderful not being medieval

All of you who know me know I'm a bit of a medieval head.  I studied medieval history at university, got all serious and post-grad about the logistics of crusading, I listen to a lot of medieval music (search for Hildegard of Bingen on iTunes if you are at all interested and have a listen to […]

recipe histories

This Apple and Almond cake has a history. It was originally an Apple and Walnut cake. I got the recipe from my friend Gill, who made it for us in May in Canberra (delicious).  Gill got the recipe from our friend Jodi (as in Jodi and Andrew of Bretzels fame).  Jodi, I think, got the […]


Suddenly, after grey skies and damp washing and mildew-y shoes the sun came out. And what a cracking day it was today. The kids and I went to a park at Rushcutters Bay this morning to catch up with some friends, Henry, pictured above, attempted to scale the harbour wall… We snacked on raisins and […]

happy pants

Clipart photos today, thanks Microsoft.  This is not what my washing line looks like. Not at all. Not only is mine in the rear courtyard of an inner city terrace, with very little sun or greenery, but mine is wet. It's been wet for over a week. And since you asked, yes, my happy pants […]

the real masterchefs

This is a real photo, nothing staged, nothing moved, of dinner preparation tonight. Beef and Vegetable Pasta Bake in it's infancy (i.e. still on the stove), the mushrooms I forgot to put in it (yes, how could I forget? they were right in front of me), the cup of tea going cold, the puffed corn […]


Hi! Everybody goiter-free? Awesome. In a week of very few wins, I thought I'd put my mind in Pollyanna mode and not lose the gorgeous and wonderful bits: 1. My brother announced his engagement. He lives in the US (i.e. not here) and sounds so so happy. I'm over the moon for him and Betsy. 2. […]

tired old thing

So I finally changed my blog's name. No one except my sisters seemed to get the A A Milne 'little smackerel" reference and when MUM claimed to have no recollection of Pooh saying "time for a little smackerel" (meaning a snack, of course) I slumped my shoulders and decided the searches and hits registering on […]

dairy me

You know, I think I know a bit about milk. I've drunk quite a bit of it, growing up on a dairy farm and all, and I buy quite a lot of it, my two smallies being a little addicted (we've cut back from 15+ litres a week now, it got a bit out of […]

short cuts

  After I almost lost my hair tonight in the fireball I created by spraying Canola spray directly into a pan on the stove, a gas stove, (yes I know I'm an idiot), I am reflecting on the effects of my short cutting, my quick fixing and my life of interruptions. I'd like to blame […]