Monthly Archives: July 2009

sunday fare

We have dear friends who live in Birchgrove and we went and hung out with them today. Tilly's still insisting on a boat from Christmas. That's Tilly in the distance, on the steps of the pier with Jodi. Outling her boat plan. And this is the view from the pier. A gorgeous winter's day in Sydney.  Lunch: Henry's choice… Hope you all had a lovely weekend! xxx

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food for kids

One of the greatest challenges (read: fiascos) in feeding children is making stuff that you want them to eat that they actually want to eat. I have friends who feed their kids only macrobiotic and organic food, who's 4 yr olds snack on home-made sushi and carrot sticks. That's awesome. […]

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seasonal produce?

Are you automatically de-listed as a foodie if you can't answer simple seasonal questions at the park? I was stumped today when my friend Coralie (from Belgium) asked about strawberries being available in winter in Australia.  Good point.  I'm sure they're a summer fruit, so how come they're on special at Woolworth's this week? Maybe they're grown hydroponically. I really must […]

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so beautiful

Artist: G C Myers I've just stumbled on this wonderful artist: G C Myers. You can find his website with information on exhibitions (if you're in the US) here and his blog with a flickr photostream of some of his gorgeous work here.  I LOVE these paintings! Artist: G C Myers xxx

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play days

I've been a huge fan of playgroups every since I landed in Brisbane three years ago not knowing anyone and stumbled into the most fabulous and friendly playgroup for the duration of our time there.  Now back in Sydney, we now go to an open play session at Lifestart once a week (for Henry, […]

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Staying at home with small children is so rewarding.  You get to chill out, drink tea all day, keep an organised house and of course foster happy, fulfilled, self-sufficient children.  Here is where my children nearly ended up today: It was all going OK – a morning out, grocery shopping […]

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