The Best Brownie. Ever.

I think I found it. And I tell you, it was a long delicious road from here… … to the final fabulous non cakey Brownie. I freely admit I did not create the Recipe of Awesomeness. I've mentioned it before, a blog I love, Lemonpi. She gave me the recipe but didn't actually create it either. […]

Call me anytime

Did you hear that Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman were interrupted on stage in New York during a tense theatrical moment by a ringing mobile phone?  The video has just been released, although my main question is who was taking this footage anyway? There was a bit of talk around the office today of the […]

Three New Excitements

One of my favourite favourite favourite things to do is to talk about books.  And weirdly enough, I've never been in a bookclub. None of my friends have ever started one! So I decided to. And we meet for the first time tomorrow night, and I'm really excited! Some of the most interesting people I […]


Our favourite place to sit on Sunday mornings, reading, drinking tea. (She's reading "Welcome to Welsh". Chosen unaided. Good luck with that, Tilly.) My children see the vacuum so infrequently that it's a novelty. Oh look, it blows air! How FUN! Like I said. Novelty.  My two favourite fellas, hanging out at my sister's house.  […]

Family Album Part 2

Three more from the wonderful Ray Henning, giving us glimpses into moments we wouldn't otherwise see. He's written on the back of this one: Hay Making. Sunday 6 December 1959.  Dad, Uncle Doug and Grandpa. And what would have been a beloved dog, out the front.  Have you ever hefted a bail of hay? They're […]

The Clinic

My little dude has a genetic condition called Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome which I first mentioned here. Part of this deal is a sub-mucal cleft palate which is a fancy way of saying his speech is a bit hard to understand, notwithstanding almost three years of speech therapy (and the fact that he's 5 and […]

Family album

As you know, I love photos. I love taking them, I love looking at them, don't particularly love being in them. There was a photographer called Ray Henning who was a friend of my Dad's many years ago. He was an amateur photographer and we are uber lucky that he took his camera and caught […]

The Cake Stall

Henry goes to a totally wonderful pre-school two days a week. We love it.  They had a monster garage sale this weekend which we were away for (see yesterday's post) but they also had a fundraising cake stall at the event which I volunteered to bake for.  Of course I made visitor biscuits (above).  And […]

Run when chased

This weekend my man Adam completed the Kathmandu 24-hour adventure race. I am so proud of him. I don't have any photos of him or Tommy his racing partner, or our friend Roo, a solo entrant, because they started at 9am in the morning and the kids and I weren't at the race location until […]

something beautiful

Families are full of stories.  My Mum has a hundred of them, one which has always stuck with me. She told me once about a distant aunt of hers, Aunt Lillian, who married Oz, I think in about 1920.  Oz was from a wealthy farming family, the Lammonds, and was  set up to inherit very […]