Monthly Archives: December 2009

one of those people

Hello! I apologise for being  tad hit and miss with posting in the last couple of weeks. I would cite crushing tiredness except I just don't want to be one of those people who are always complaining of being tired because they are perhaps a bit overcommitted.  I also never […]

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little crumpet

Ever made your own crumpets? It kinda does seem like one of those things that might just not be worth the time, right? They come conveniently packaged at the supermarket… but bread does too and there's just something about making your own that I love. So I thought I'd try […]

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print society

Look at these gorgeous prints! {Jan Dunning}  {Allison Cole}  {Catherine Campbell}  {dejvicka}  {Alli Coate}  {Angie Pickman} {Shira Sela}   {Hazel Nicholls}  I stumbled on Print Society – just like Etsy but prints only. Fabulous.  I marvel at the talent in the world.  xxx

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a custard kinda day

{photo by Adam} Some days are easy. Some days aren't. On those not so easy days nothing beats stirring up a delicious custard in the quiet kitchen after the two smallies are fed, bathed, storied, teeth-cleaned and bedded.  (Or even better, stirring while Adam does the bath-story-teeth routine in time […]

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sewing bee

So last night, after a whole lot of talking on my part and very little action, my lovely superlatively creative friend Jodi organised a sewing bee at her place.  The aim was to teach my friend Ness and I how to sew. Properly. Us two being Well Known for being a […]

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so much fun

This can only mean one thing….  Mum's sewing machine is finally out of it's case! And the fun has begun… It's very late, please come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it!! xxx  

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