recipe for homemade arrowroot biscuits

More make-it-from-scratch insanity… Arrowroot biscuits! My kids don't eat a whole lot of Arnotts' Milk Arrowroots (unlike rice crackers, the absence of which has left a bit of a gap in our snacking,) but I love them (and so does Tilly) and I thought it might be fun to see if I could reproduce them.  […]

making stuff from scratch

What I've been making: 1. Home made peanut butter  2. Home made basil pesto 3. Home made tomato sauce  I can hear some snorting (yes I can hear you). As in, seriously lady, why would you bother.  Tell ya why – because it takes two minutes in a food processor, it's cheap, and you know […]


So while we're on the subject of zoo-land (weren't we?) guess where we went this weekend? Taronga. It has to be the best zoo in the world, surely.   So much fun. So many amazing things to see and talk about.  And because I am a Class A Dork (as you know)  I was probably […]

dog day

I LOVE dogs. Love love love them. Don't have one. Grew up with lots of them (a.k.a farm hounds or as Dad referred to them, co-workers.) Had a very big badly behaved Alaskan Malamute/Alsatian cross called Kiska a number of years ago who I still pine for.  Our friends with the rabbits? They just got […]

hat for my fella

Not sure if you saw my first attempt at this little project, here. Not so good.  So I cast on again, still no idea what gauge means (must look that up) but added more stitches and hoped like heck this one fitted. It does.  Not bad hey? If anyone is thinking about using this pattern […]

day off

Yesterday, in fact. Usually a work day but had a scheduled physiotherapist appointment so worked today instead. So, a day off! Henry at school and Tilly at daycare. Deeeeep exhalation of breath.  And off to Spotlight to see if I could track down more of that lovely bird fabric in Tilly's skirt… nope, sold out. […]

hanging onto Summer

Never thought I'd say it after living through three Brisbane summers but I am clutching onto these last warm Sydney days before Autumn really rolls in. I went with Henry on Saturday to a birthday party in a park for one of his school friends and it was such a gorgeous warm day, I looked […]

sewing skirts

This skirt for Tilly was so much fun to sew:   I bought a gorgeous book a little while back, Sewing Clothes Kids Love, and this is their Insa Skirt. I was really inspired by the authors' theories of colour and fabric matching. Nancy and Sabine feel that children need and deserve colour – so […]

Beanie for Adam

So I mentioned before that I was knitting a beanie for Adam.  Last night I cast off and sewed it up (pattern is a ribbed flat hat knitted up on straight needles, good for new knitters. Free pattern from here.) I presented the finished hat to Adam. Except something had gone horribly, horribly wrong.  Please […]

and just a couple more oldies while archiving all these photos…

I am BUSTING to know what this new bubba will look like of course. Henry was so dark and Tilly so fair… Check out this little fella in his orange. (This suit has just now come back to us after being around at least four other babies!) There's one in every collection.   Oh those young […]