cows are in the meadow…(or down here: paddock)

Guess where we went this weekend? All the following photos of Mum and Dad's farm (our escape-hatch) taken by Adam.  (For the record, I haven't messed with the colour or light in any of these. It really is that green. And the light was really that amazing on Sunday afternoon. And Ad is pretty deft […]

a Friday in pictures

While she napped ~ ~ I sat at my new desk (thanks, babe) ~  ~ and calculated the cost per cupcake of a small catering job I'm doing tomorrow for a friend's business (my favourite kind of work). I didn't look at the mess behind me. I ignored the chaos of those shelves. I'm just grateful […]

feeding small children (or Part 2 of 2: Flawed)

It's hard, right? And anyone with children under six who says * oh my children eat absolutely everything  * dinnertime is always such a relaxing time of day * I satisfy my creativeness in the kitchen and my children play quietly somewhere else while I'm cooking is a cyborg.  Really, they are. If you know […]

Part 1 of 2: floored

Hey I made something! (Other than a child – still a highlight.)  A sewing project! I am on fire. Just a wee one, honestly, took about as long to choose the fabric (while constantly picking Tilly up off the floor who decided to "sleep" in the middle of an aisle of Spotlight) as it did […]

all in the name of research

OK so the David Lebovitz icecream was very good, but a little fiddly.  Having a dedicated tendency to err on the simpler side of things, I remembered a friend talking about icecream made with condensed milk. Mmmmm, condensed milk. Another good reason to have it in your pantry, right! So I tried this:  BASIC VANILLA […]

one more for the road

Yes, there seems to have been a LOT of cake this week.  Not really representative of this house, but whatever. We've had a cake or two this week.  So I thought I'd leave you with one more on this lovely Friday: the one Henry's had in his lunchbox this week. I originally made it for […]

when bad things happen to good cakes

To be hereby named the 'lapse in judgement' cake. It is in fact the very easy orange cake (one of my favourites), iced and also filled with good old butter cream (not the white chocolate icing I've made previously) and due to time pressures, iced and filled while still warm (oops) and transported with icing […]

hey guess what?

Would you believe in blog-land there's such a thing as a blogiversary? And that I completely missed mine? I've been posting to Inner Pickle for over a year now! May 4th last year was my first post.  Never being one to turn down an opportunity for cake, here's to a year that I never expected […]

Homemade Vanilla Icecream

Yuuuuuummmm.  Ever made your own icecream? I've made it a few times, including a semifreddo phase I went through in the early nineties. THAT one was bad for my bum. But I've never made a 'custard' based icecream. I wanted to try this because being pregnant I can't eat anything with raw eggs in it […]

on this day…

…seven years ago, I married the most excellent man I've ever met. We'd already been together six years, moved to London together for two of those, backpacked for another eight months and bought an apartment back in Sydney together. And had actually decided not to get married. I'd even broken that news to my mother. […]