three months

Three short months with us, out here.  What did we ever do without her? What did they do without her? Three months ago I didn't know every inch of her wee face and how soft her fuzzy head feels  and how strong and bonny she would be.  Three short months ago I didn't know her […]


What's delicious around here at the moment: :: School holiday mornings! No rushing, no "come ON get your shoes on!", no "PUT THAT AWAY WE HAVE TO GO!"; rather, a bit of lego, a cup of tea, a nice slow start, and if you're lucky a bit of a sleep in.  :: Warmer weather. The […]

kids clothes week challenge

I had great intentions for Elsie Marley's challenge.  Simple idea: sew kids clothes for one hour a day for a week.  I started so well, finishing off two long-languishing projects in the first two nights. Then completely fell off the wagon.  I thought I'd make up time on the weekend (mainly because I have a […]

escape artists

Oh yessirree. A last minute bolt. Our favourite, favourite rabbit hole.  Where else can you :: ride your bike in your jarmies?   :: run through the garden and pick up the fallen lemons… … and thrown the rotten ones… …over the fence? (This one)   :: Where else would we be spending the afternoon […]

this moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A moment to hold onto. See Soulemama and join in! xxx

Hello, Spring

We're busy growing a few things round here (other than various small people)… I had a substantial vegie garden in Brisbane that my dear freind Catriona helped me dig out and that I was terribly proud of.  I planted a very hearty selection of vegies which thrived for about a month and I felt generations […]

Recipe for homemade wheat crackers!

I've been planning to figure out how to make homemade crackers for ages and have never gotten around to it.  I found some great wholewheat organic flour last week and figured it was time to give it a go.  I gave it a bit of thought. We didn't want them to rise, right, so plain […]


Kate has got me thinking, with her celebratory week of imperfections.  It's the strangest thing sometimes, blogging. Because we tend to macro focus on the marvellous and edit out the imperfect. This isn't because I'm pretending my life is perfect, for heavens sake, my sisters both read this blog! How long d'ya reckon I'd get […]


There's nothing like it. Alfresco peanut butter sandwiches… …some very serious games of hide and seek… ..i.e. small excited people hiding from their terrifying father… …and how much do I love my boy's smile?   I'm joining in with Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week challenge this week – spending one hour a day sewing clothes […]


Saturday brunch: homemade grainy toast with grilled haloumi, eggplant and field mushrooms with coriander. So delicious. See, you don't need bacon! (Can someone tell Henry?) Have a wonderful weekend, gorgeous people.  xxx