Monthly Archives: August 2011

in which a goose breaks my heart

Oh lovely goosey.  So serene as she sat on her three eggs.  Honking ferociously at anyone coming or going via the front door.  She would sit there all day then cover the eggs up with straw and go home (to next door) for the night. 'Cept yesterday I came out […]

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Over here we are: ~ Hosting a pirate, bent on the elimination of foxes and the discovery of a buried cache of potato chips. (Gold schmold, the boy would sail seven seas for a chip.) ~ Hosting a laying goose! Our nearest neighbours have three gorgeous geese, and the two […]

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inspired by…

… neighbours   … neighbours' kids   … first steps, and then suddenly there's more walking than crawling!   … sourdough. Brought over to us by a friend, in time for breakfast. Made from a batch of my own starter which I gave them last time they were here for […]

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