Monthly Archives: October 2011

One Medieval Mess

This is a sponsored post. Which means Nuffnang paid me to write it. Every thought and comment in it though, are mine. I agreed to write it because I actually use the product I’m talking about. Just so you know!   Really, I can make some mess in the kitchen. And as […]

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A Slice of Wednesday

Hello Wednesday lets-make-a-slice day! How I love you.  Today, we're veering away from the sticky sweet condensed-milk-heavy fare of recent Wednesdays and attempting something more lunchbox friendly.  White Chocolate and Cranberry Oat Slice.     I made it up based on the fact I had white chocolate and cranberries sitting […]

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pictures of you

Once upon a time when I was a suit, (the marketing kind), I was flicking through photos trying to select one for a banking brochure. They were "aspirational" photos designed, in our case, to inspire people to invest for a lifestyle.   There I was, expensive hair, nice suit, nice […]

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Sunday night rewind

This entry was first posted on Thurs 11th February 2010, which isn't that long ago I know, but if you're a new reader here since then I thought I'd set the scene before I drop another medieval dinner on you later this week! I'd also love to know what you know… […]

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Joining in with Soulemama. Simply ten good things, right now. 1. A new yarn and fabric shop, here! In my little town! Right across the road from the park. Which means you might be able to leave fella and smallies for long enough to buy yarn and unecessary yet gorgeous bamboo […]

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A slice of Wednesday (a day late)

Hi! Hello! Nice to see you! Yep, sorry about the no-show. Remember what I said about being a daily blogger unless that day kicks my arse? Yesterday was a day. Far out.  Dreadful headcold. Adam away working. Grouchy children. House a terrible mess. A promised afternoon outing with friends to […]

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