Monthly Archives: October 2011

This is kind of it

I've driven past this farm produce sign dozens of times without stopping. Often it was closed. More often I was on the wrong side of the road and it was kinda hard to turn around. It's sort of nearby here, but out of the way.  This time I stopped.    […]

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Sunday Night Rewind

This post was first published on Tues 20th October 2009. Two years ago. There are people who will read this (again) who read and commented on its first outing, and THANK YOU so much, particularly long-term readers and friends, for taking this little Inner Pickle journey with me. I'm grateful […]

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The Amazing Cassandra Allen

Sponsor Spotlight     My first sponsor spotlight!  I adore Cassandra Allen's illustrations. This is probably obvious. She illustrated not only my banner (above) but also designed the Buena Vista Farm Bikkies logo. I love her stuff.  So I wanted to point you in her direction, in case you haven't […]

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