Monthly Archives: November 2011

a smiley wedding

My friends Megan and Graeme got married on Friday.    It was a super dooper happy awesome occasion.      My very lovely friend Sarah (below left) did the catering.   She makes the best butter cream icing you have ever tasted in your life. Bar none. And the location […]

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cup of tea?

  I don't stop much, something about the stopping and not being able to get started again. You know.  There's a great deal of running around at the moment.  One of my running around moments this week ended with me, miraculously child-free, at The Berry Teashop meeting a lovely friend of […]

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cherished third

    Bye bye baby, hello small person. Streak of greased lightening. Smiling laundry-assassin.  Farewell peaceful cups of tea and newspaper-reading with gainfully occupied four and seven-year-olds.  I had a visit today from a favourite blogging friend, and we talked without stopping for about three hours while continually extracting Ivy […]

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over here we are…

… leaving the hats and the suncream at the back door. … admiring the coffee trees, and the cherries turning bright red, almost ready for picking.    … now grown up enough to open and shut electric fences. This is a big deal.   … enjoying the glorious weather with […]

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Slice of Wednesday

In the spirit of open and honest friendship I won't mislead you for a second: I don't have a slice for you today. Not even a bit of one. My excuse is that the (marvellous) group of friends I get together with every Wednesday for whom I make the slice, […]

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