Monthly Archives: January 2012

celebrating five

This morning I woke up to the sound of Tilly walking down the hall happily singing to herself, "happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…" I got up laughing.  This girl of ours is full of joy and sunlight and I'm so so happy to be celebrating five years […]

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happy birthday Mum

My Mum turned seventy yesterday, which she may not thank me for revealing, but which I will in deference to the fact she really doesn't look it. Particularly not when holding a cigar. Which she also may not thank me for revealing.  Lets talk about the pretty cake I made, […]

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pig headed

Ever moved a pig? People talk about how hard it is. Slippery wee suckers. Hard to catch, impossible to hold. In the past people have resorted to nose rings. (Yikes.)  We have four pigs, two of which who have been happily digging up our next door neighbours' future veggie patch. […]

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free ranging

There is nothing so lovely as a happily sauntering hen, pecking some grass here, fluffing around in some dust there.  To a chicken fancier such as me, I'm not ashamed to say it, and one living in serious fox territory, free range chooks on pasture protected by Adam's fancy new […]

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Happy New Year!

  Here's to you and a celebratory new year, perhaps with time off, and family and good food and maybe sunshine and sand if you're in our part of the world. I wish all good things for you! *clink* Thanks for dropping in here to visit, I appreciate your company […]

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