the forever friend

  Day 6 of the Game On Challenge, and I've learnt a few things. I'm cataloguing the end of the fresh food. Cursing the chickens who nibbled all my baby lettuces (I NEED those lettuces!!). And I'm learning that if we ever hit Armageddon, what you need even more than a stockpile, a generator and […]


    How much do you have to love a person in order to give them your last ration of goat's fetta?  In the case of our friends Linda and Matt, here for lunch today, it was a cinch. Goodbye goat's fetta.     I still have a lot of flour (like, 25kgs) and a […]

game on

I have this very good friend called Vanessa. One of my closest. Here is a picture of her. From memory what is just out of shot is a whip of some sort. Anyway, some time last year Ness cooked up this mad idea that at a random point of time, she would text me the […]

kite running

  It was such a perfect kite-flying day, Tilly had been looking out the window and wishing for it for weeks. Not a school day. No rain. The right wind. Adam at the helm. Perfect. It was all going so well until that very last shot which is when Henry let go of the kite […]

three best things

  Years ago now, Adam started asking Henry what his 'three best things' were for the day, at dinner time. Now both Tilly and Henry mostly come to the dinner table prepared, their three best things have already been decided on, maybe as they walk to the table, maybe they thought about it earlier in […]

poultry brevities

    In poultry, as well as in butter and milk, the farmer's wife can establish a reputation for having the best. Let her see to it that eggs over a week old are never marketed, and when she kills and markets birds let them be in prime condition – well fattened and carefully dressed […]

happy birthday, babe

  To the man I love, who doesn't like birthdays, particularly this one. We're here to tell you how happy we are to spend another year with you. Happy birthday, most excellent man.      xxx


      Today did not begin well. There was a broken child-gate, a crucial one, at the top of the stairs. There was a missing lunchbox, a washing machine that is mysteriously stopping mid-cycle and a circular knitting needle snipped in two. Not entirely sure who was responsible but pretty certain her name ryhmes […]

three little pigs

                      Three more little pigs joined us last week. Although these three are temporarily being borrowed by a friend of ours over the road (with the best permaculture garden I've ever seen) and an old pumpkin patch to dig up.  Ness has set them up […]

loving these…

      Loving this bunting made by my super clever friend Ali. She took an old book out of the box going to the the op shop on our verandah before we moved, and turned it into this. It's up on our new wall. I admire it every day.       Loving all-in-one […]