Monthly Archives: April 2012

from there to here

Thanks for your kind comments about Miss Ivy, she's still a wheezeball but seems to be feeling better. Fever's still spiking at night but comes back down with panadol. Hopefully tomorrow she'll shake the virus and whether or not the asthma sticks around, we'll be waiting and seeing with her […]

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I think you would’ve cheated too

  Just  small cheat, about the size of this small and very beloved person.  Who started wheezing yesterday, a wheeze that turned into a dreadful barking cough, a cough then accompanied by more and more difficult breathing.  I made the soonest doctor appointment I could, and when he said he […]

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day 8

  It has occasionally, in the last week, struck me as ridiculous; this game of buying nothing and making do, when so many many many people just do it because they have to.  But I'm keeping on, because it's interesting to me what we can do without. We're not doing […]

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