some days are just more exciting than others

    Just to remind us what total amateurs we are, Adam went this morning to build a farrowing nest for our girl pig who we suspected might be pregnant, and discovered we had piglets. Eleven of them.  Of course it happened the first morning Dad was home. Not yesterday. Not two days ago. The […]

Mother’s Day

My beloved Mum and Dad have been away for about two and a half months. We moved to the farm, into a loft next to their house, then they left on a big trip, four days later. We've been doing our own thing but using their lovely big kitchen. And kind of house sitting.  They […]


    Hello! In my first guest post ever, a little bit about our playtime over at Childhood 101! xxx  

Slice of Wednesday: Lemon slice (part three)

Another lemon slice?! Perhaps we need to ask: can you have too many lemon slices in your life?For me it's a bit like the Brownie, I just have to KEEP MAKING versions of it, till I get the perfect one. I think I'm close, but I have one more in me (after this one.) This […]

eggs on

  Finally, at some ripe old age approaching 28 weeks, our hens are laying.  Not all at once, which gives us time to figure out the market, and iron out the logistics of egg collection (plastic trays which hold thirty eggs, stacked in a crate) and washing and weighing.  And right on cue our orders […]

working away

    I'm a little bit absent from this space at the moment because I'm madly working away on this website! Back soon with an online Bikkie giveaway…     xxx


A bock bock, if you're Ivy and not quite two, is a chicken. A chip is a day old cornish cross broiler chicken, one of 150 that arrived by courier today.      Our eighty went straight into the cosy brooder room, and seventy temporarily hung out in a washing basket and big black tub […]

crazy duck lady

When I was little I kept obsessive lists of what I wanted to be, and be like, when I grew up. It wasn't all "medieval historian" and "have short hair, wear long skirts" although that was a strangely repetitive theme.  There's a list that describes my perfect house (small, wooden, without a roof so it […]