a winner!

Thanks for all your heartfelt words of encouragement for our little farm business, and I'm sending Ginger Twirlys to Umatji.  I'll be in touch to find out where you are! Thanks eveyone who entered. I hope you, lovely folk, have a snippet of encouragement in your day. Me, I'm always encouraged by a nice fence.  Nice […]

how to make chocolate from scratch

    And no, I don't mean melting down milk chocolate and pouring it into moulds! I mean: make it from scratch! The first thing you should know that unless you have a conching machine (or possibly a thermomix – I suspect you might get some fantastic results if you could use a thermomix to […]

happiness is…

no child at risk freedom of speech and beliefs an end to domestic violence worldwise fair food distribution and the rest.   But if if I can look on my little precious bubble of a world for a moment, deeply aware of how damn lucky I am, then happiness is: gardening…   admiring and eating […]

farm life in pictures

I seem to have forgotten how to take a picture. Or maybe where my camera is. Yesterday's photos were all from my iPhone (you could probably tell) and I thought I might post something prettier today, but it's very late and I've lost all my words.  1. I think the soil in my raised beds […]

in a year

Some years don't go as planned. I have a friend who says she barely holds it together through the odd number years but all good things happen in the evens. Some years might be punctuated with illness, or just pass in a blur of tiredness, and you might not really recollect them at all. Some […]

The Magic of Stinging Nettle Tea

  I was at a friend's farm today collecting milk when I spotted AN ENORMOUS CLUMP OF NETTLES!  Oh yes. After all these years of avoiding nettles, I now travel with rubber gloves. Bonkers, maybe, but have you tried nettle tea?  I'm not going to pretend I'm some botanical expert who can tell you all […]

growing potatoes

According to Inner Pickle I planted potatoes around mid May. I really need a garden journal that is a tad more specific. Note to self. Anyway, something's been shredding my vines.    Thoughts seem to be it might be a ten spotted ladybird (of which there is no sign) or caterpillars (of which there are […]

totes mazeballs

  A slice for Wednesday, made by Adam, enjoyed on Thursday. A vanilla slice. This one. Pudding-y, velvety and with that tangy passionfruit icing. Small round of applause.   My sister Naomi's oatcakes. Courtesy of our dearly, dearly beloved Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall (I've just ordered his Bread book on Amazon.) The recipe is online over here, […]

Cooking with stinging nettles

I apologise. In the old days, while I spent the majority of my time hanging out with two small people not at school, I dreamt up Slice of Wednesday. I'd make one most Wednesday mornings all of last year, and take it to morning tea with friends at 10am. At 10am today I was knee […]