Monthly Archives: September 2012

What we missed

    Have you been on the farm this last week or so? Yeah me either. Been bakin' my little head off. Turns out people love our Bikkies. How awesome! Busy!  Here's what we missed.  The Chicken Caravan arrived. It is a thing of utter beauty and deserves it's own […]

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more fiasco farming

  Those pigs. They've taught us a thing or two.  Right when we think we've got it figured out, we're officially registered as a pork producer, we've got a market, we've got the whole paddock to butchery process in hand, they remind us just how clueless we really are.  On […]

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ten good things

A good friend suggested that last post was a lament. Not intentionally. That's the weird thing about blogging, a post is often a static moment in time, caught, wrapped up and frozen, and actually the very next day perhaps the crazy wind died down and the washing got done and […]

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in pursuit of simple

I totally signed up for the simple life.  The living on the farm, living more sustainably, with a smaller ecological footprint, and feeding our family home raised, home grown, dynamically nutritious food.  Turns out there's nothing at all bloody simple about it.  I read Possum Living and while it was […]

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