Monthly Archives: October 2012

Must be almost Summer.

  Life gives us lemons. LOTS of lemons. We love them. We regularly thank Mum and Dad for planting the tree thirty years ago, and right now it groans with yellow fruit.  Life also gives us awesome friends. I'm lucky enough to have two particular Vanessas, both of whom I […]

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Just. Like. Magic.

I have a thing about Dark Barred Plymouth Rocks. Adam calls them my bourgeois chickens. (He's very rude.) I think they are particularly pretty. Anyway, my friend Vanessa and I went halves in an incubator. She's had a couple of runs of it with pretty good success so I thought […]

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fast food

  Homemade pasta and homemade pesto, fast food? Is she smoking sandalwood, damn hippy homesteader? Obviously has too much time to poke around in gardens and lacto ferment pickles and handmake every last piece of family clothing including handstitched underwear? Actually no. I don't have pots of time. But I […]

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    Ad's not going to like this post. He's a modest man, and it's hard to even get a photo of him at the best of times. He ducks out of the viewfinder every time.  The idea of a whole post about him? That's not a deprecating fiasco farming […]

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