Monthly Archives: November 2012

happy things

        # sunflowers in the chicken yard # cows eating leaves # diligent mother hens # handsome fathers # new raised garden beds, with dolomite lime to be dug in # wheat sprouting in the 'rested side' of the fixed chook yard # the amazing mobile chicken […]

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pig in mud

This pig is, in fact, pink. Usually. Except when there's an approaching heatwave and Adam (who loves his pigs) decides to manufacture a mud bath for them. Happy, happy pigs.        Free range pigs, looked after by Adam. It's a good life.  xxx  

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fire brigade family

  I grew up in a volunteer rural fire service family.  Where Dad would be just as likely as not to get called out in the middle of Christmas dinner.  When some summer days when someone else was milking the cows and there was a big fire, Dad might be […]

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anyone for a biscuit?

It's been AGES since I posted a bikkie recipe here! I guess there was always the chance it was something that might make it into the Buena Vista Farm repertoire, and so I've been a little cagey about recipes this last year.  You HAVE to have this one though.    […]

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learning the hard way

First I want to thank you for all the gorgeous comments on my last post. I appreciate every one of them. I didn't actually intend to post, or even to be sitting at the computer. At 5.30am this morning when Adam left to go gym training with a buddy, I […]

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Enough of the spin

  Dear lovely people, hello! As you know, if you've hung around here much, I'm naturally very optimistic. Also pretty positive. Which is why, I guess, when things are a tad grim, I go off the air. I'd prefer not to say anything rather than (a) lie and pretend everything […]

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