and after the dry spell…

On Australia Day we got to do something totally, totally marvellous. We got to toast my marvellous Dad as he received an Order Of Australia Medal. If you're not local, maybe take my word that's it's a pretty big deal. We called him Sir (for about a day.) Some of his friends are persisting in […]

fiasco farming

    Mostly my fiasco farming posts are for giggle value. They're a trawl through the many, many mistakes we've made in the first two years of this enterprise. Sometimes a bit embarrassed, always self deprecating, they're kinda the backbone of the book we might write one day when we're far enough in to be […]

flying by

    So we quietly rode out the vicious heatwave on Tuesday, where temperatures reached the mid forties and the chickens sweltered. Adam was busy giving the pigs mud baths and making sure the chickens, layers and meat birds, had enough shade and cool water (hens won't drink warm water.) He did an excellent job, […]

To your very good health

      HAPPY NEW YEAR! New Year is such a funny time of resolution and shooing out the old year, sometimes regretfully and sometime in deep relief. A new year. With no mistakes in it yet. Hooray! I've got an unoriginal New Year's resolution at the top of my list. Good health. Not just […]