Monthly Archives: February 2013

when it rains

  So we've had a bit of weather down here.  We knew it was coming. Let's not forget that I live with a die-hard weather geek with a paid up membership to The Australian Severe Weather Association, with the Bureau of Meteorology as his homepage and many degrees of weather […]

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happening stuff

Some weeks nothing much changes. You go about, doing your thing, kinda on track.  Then there are weeks when the tectonic plates shift. Know those ones? When everything moves forward in one swift southerly gust and things that might've seemed unlikely suddenly unfold easily, and things that might've seemed impossible […]

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gardening leave

    Hello! I haven't been around here much lately because I've been in the garden or thinking about the garden or cooking something from the garden or out somewhere with half the garden still under my fingernails. Classy.  It's going NUTS! I can hardly remember a time without it, […]

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a good day to be a farmer

  Today we had piglets! Six of them, wee wiggly pink piglets, from a Large White sow and a Landrace boar borrowed from a friend. Super cool.  They seem to be going OK but we're conscious of how much we don't know and how incredibly lucky we were last time, […]

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