Hello! Sorry if you've called in here over the last couple of weeks to find us out, we've had a technical shocker.  Internet service isn't as reliable on a farm, even when you're on a main road, than when we were in the middle of the city. And faults just seem to take forever to […]

Cake of Monday

  I apologise. I didn't make a cake today. Instead, I made 48 jars of jams and compotes to take to the Gerringong and Kiama Seaside markets this weekend. After all that jam I couldn't face cake baking.  But because I'm dead keen on a cake date, I thought I'd start us off with a […]

Helping hands

  Our coffee harvest has always been picked by an army of Dad's mates.  They show up in November and December in pairs and gangs and occasionally solo, they pick all morning, stop for icey drinks and bikkies for morning tea, then some kind of delicious lunch put together by Mum. They span out around […]

every time

  Every time I pour home made stock out of a cooking pot and into a container I think of my friend Leah and the time she carefully, accidentally strained the stock bones out and poured the whole pot down the sink. Every time I make two cups of tea together, I think of the […]

this used to be a food blog

  in which I'd bang on about all the delicious things you should be making. Often slicey. Hmmm, Slice of Wednesday. That ran a delicious course. I think we should do a cake of the week. How excited would the peeps around here be if they thought they'd get cake every week? What is not […]