Harvesting ginger

Last spring, a lovely man that Adam was doing some farm contracting work for gave us a few ginger roots to plant. Exciting! I spoke to a friend of Mum and Dad's, David, who successfully grew it every year and he convinced me to try it in pots.  I watched the green shoots shoot and […]

it’s a good day for….

  … chilling out after a big weekend of markets (Berry! Wonderful! Have I told you how much I love doing produce markets?!) … being on school holidays … catching up with lovely friends we haven't seen for ages   … penning in the roosters, ready for their one bad day tomorrow. Fourteen! Fourteen lovely […]

time flies

  Hello! Hello, JULY! Jeepers. Sometimes it feels like a rush from market to meeting to garden to kitchen and suddenly it's school pick up again. Really? It's really three o'clock already? Some days there's a breakthrough or great big orders then there's a whole lot of baking baking baking, sometimes very late into the night, […]