Monthly Archives: August 2013

On the phone

Hello!  While some of you might already be following along on Facebook or Instagram, I thought I might do a Friday download of the pictures of the week.  Happy Friday, lovely folk xx Clockwise: The market garden cultivated, ready to go. ## 3kg of freshly roasted coffee beans, thank Adman […]

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upping stakes

So we've made some mistakes. One day, when in the majority our mistakes are far enough back to be anecdotal only, I'm going to write a book called Fiasco Farming. Detailing the debacle. That's if I haven't erased the first two years from my mind with therapy or gin. This is […]

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Women’s work

  I've been looking at these seed potatoes for weeks now.  I searched high and low for Purple Majesty this year, I was ON A MISSION. Absolute dedication. I've heard all about them. They're deep indigo all the way through and they roast splendidly, but the mash, oh the mash, […]

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happy days

  Today was a cracker. It was gloriously Spring, although of course it's not yet, and the activity in the beehives is high and the paddocks are filling with chickens. We had a visit from Feather and Bone today, and not for a long time (or at least since our […]

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Well hello! It feels like a year since I've been around here. A year's worth of stuff has whizzed by, surely. Phonecalls, emails, planning planting weeding baking school-run laundry market after market, biscuit after biscuit and then one afternoon I answer my phone and it's the NSW Food Authority telling […]

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