vegan chocolate cake for those of little faith (me)

The Sunday afternoon picnic cake for today was destined to be vegan, given the invitation to our beautiful friends Greg and Jan's place.  A vegan cake? No eggs? No butter? No milk? What would make it rise?  I, predictably, googled it madly. There were a whole bunch of recipes, SOME OF THEM WRITTEN BY GREG. […]

Workshops on the farm!

  We are super excited to be launching our first workshop program today! This is something we've been planning for months, and have tried to figure out the best way to do things, and hestitated and wondered if anyone would come, then just built it, and sent it, and hooray! We're on! We've got workshops […]

Honey cake, no refined sugar, sweeet!

  I've been thinking a lot lately about carefully curated online images. About Facebook specifically, and how I think it might be making people lonely and sad. We can't blame Facebook entirely, in every life there's a standard and someone who is exceeding it. There's a grapevine and someone's on it. There are stories, and […]

how potatoes grow

These have been popping up in the paddocks this week. I have two areas of spuds planted – one small paddock next to the house and a long row in the new organic market garden (where I put in purple congos after getting great potato feedback after this post!) It's been warm here, very warm […]

cake of sunday

I had a bit of a moment last week. Tilly, at bedtime one night, looked me in the eye and said, this family is so busy. Always busy. We never do anything together. Nothing fun. You say we're going on a family adventure then we go to the Co-op.  Well.  I dare say she's right.  […]

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bee amazing

They are amazing, those bees. Adam and I were working in the market garden yesterday and I heard a rising buzzing, and looked up to see a huge swarm of bees come up over the hedge from one of our hives, looking for somewhere new to live.  There's nothing quite like a swarm. It's noisy, […]