Monthly Archives: October 2013

the return of the geese

You might have heard we lost our geese. It was only when I went back to find that post for the link that I saw it was MAY! *cough*  Sometime in June there were unconfirmed sightings locally, about halfway between us and Martin's place where they'd come from. Maybe they […]

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Cake of Sunday: Simple Butter Cake To Save The Day

You could call it Butter Cake. Or perhaps, in our house today, it could be Grumpy Cake. Three-Year-Old-Tears Cake. Cracking-it-big-time Cake. A day that was barely held together by the occassional incredible feat of horsepower-led ingenuity (below)… (doesn't everyone move incredibly expensive commercial ovens like this? Huh. That was the […]

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market gardening

It sounds so earnest: growing vegetables organically. Perhaps too earnest for us, dreadful cynics, trading in sarcasm and guffaws. But we gradually traded up from balcony pots to small beds to serious backyard veg to this. Earnestly adoring vegetable growing. And finding some kind of dignity in hoeing a row. […]

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round hereabouts

  Hats off to my homeschooling friends, I'm about to dispatch my smallies to a far distant military academy. Hello second week of school holidays. If I was on holiday too, how much fun we'd have. I struggle not to peer green-eyed at holidaying friends sashaying through the interminable fortnight […]

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