around here

  Hello!  Around here we are: .. holding onto the fun we had with the beloved Milkwood Permaculture team here this weekend, running Serious Backyard Veggies. We tried to encourage them to move in by feeding them delicious food (and hiding their keys) but to no avail. The class was lovely, and stoic in the […]


It’s been a beautiful weekend of favourite Milkwood-people adventure and rain and amazing shared cooking with a brilliant cook (Tory) and red wine and cuddles with small children and slooooow cooked lamb.  Adam took this photo this morning. Lucky stars, I’m thanking them. xxx

the flipside

For every story there’s another one. For every earnest heart wishing for a small farm in a friendly town with an orchard and room for chickens and a big veggie garden, there’s an orchardist lying in bed tonight wondering how he’s going to pay his water bill and how he’ll keep those damn chickens out […]

Farmers’ Market

      Wednesdays used to be different.  I used to make a slice every Wednesday. I’d take it to a friend’s house, and drink tea. Wednesdays are now a flurry of labelling and last minute baking and packing up and chalk-boarding. At 3pm every Wednesday a bell rings and our weekly farmers’ market starts.  […]

mere trifle

    Even when you bake for a living, you’ll still stuff up the occasional batch of cakes. Unfortunately when I stuff up a batch of cakes it’s not usually, you know, one tray of twelve cup cakes.     This is a blueberry teacake. I make lots of them. I know where I went […]

the beekeeper

      I am not the beekeeper of this operation. Adam is. I’ve never really been particularly interested in bees, they were always Dad’s gig, and that whole bee suit thing was kind of alarming. When we started talking about moving back down here to the farm, Dad asked if we wanted to take over […]