Monthly Archives: June 2014

this place

We were very lucky to have the lovely Luisa Brimble visit recently (accompanied by the equally lovely Emma Bowen). I've been admiring Luisa's gorgeous photography for ages and was thrilled when she offered to visit on a workshop day and take some shots for us. Hooray!  When you've got your […]

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Happy chickens brought you to by Tim

  Last night our friend Tim O'Sullivan (Timbo Rural Contracting) showed up with some extra friends and they took out four foxes in an hour. Four.  Happy, happy, happy.  I don't know if that's solved the immediate problem, but I suspect it's put a dent in it.  We know Tim […]

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brass tacks

You know that moment when you think, oh well, it can't get worse than this?  We lost the remainder of the mature batch of meat birds last night, the ones due to go for processing tomorrow, the fifty we hoped might at least pay for the feed and incubation costs […]

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who’d be a farmer, eh?

Photo: Luisa Brimble It's something Adman says, 'who'd be a farmer, eh?', when stuff goes wrong, or, you know, gets out or dies or doesn't grow or gets eaten or breaks or we hit the wall financially.  He always says it wryly, as if he's the farm kid and I'm […]

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