a day for Tilly

This week has been so much about Henry, appropriately, starting school is a big deal. 

So today was a day all about my sweet Tilds.

We did all her favourite things. Drawing. Dancing. 

We went to see a movie about the Wiggles with her favourite friend Emily and the girls had a lovely big dance in the aisles. (Emily's mum Lucie had thoughtfully planned this date and booked the tickets ages ago. Lucky really, as there were 6 other people, in total, in the cinema.)

We took the girls for a special treat lunch of hamburgers and chips.

Tilly and I read some stories and hung out some washing and messed around with our cameras:

(actually Henry's camera – a christmas gift from Uncle Tim and Auntie Betsy!) 

When we picked Henry up from school at 2.30pm (early finish all of first term) Tilly was sound asleep on my shoulder as I chatted to the teacher about how Henry was settling in (really well it seems. Phew.)

And a treat after a big week for me? Out for a grown up dinner with favourite friends and my Adman. Yay!

Hope you've all had a lovely Friday, whether or not it included any Wiggles!


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