a Friday in pictures

While she napped ~

~ I sat at my new desk (thanks, babe) ~

 ~ and calculated the cost per cupcake of a small catering job I'm doing tomorrow for a friend's business (my favourite kind of work). I didn't look at the mess behind me. I ignored the chaos of those shelves. I'm just grateful for this space which includes somewhere for my sewing machine (the space used to look like this) ~

That gorgeous quilt Tilly is napping under is one of a few absolutely gorgeous quilts our friend Jodi has made for us. And this week she gave me a quilting lesson! Here's a tiny one I made to practice matching the corners up etc (obviously haven't finished the binding) ~

~ am now raring to go! ~

~ while I was matching up fat quarters and diving into my fabric stash to see if anything coordinated, a batch of my favourite favourite no-knead bread was rising on the bench; happiness under a teatowel ~

 ~ and while it was in the oven I dove into one of the many boxes of hand-me-down (actually mostly hand-me-back!) clothes for the baby… some I remember from Henry, some were Tilly's, some new sweet additions too ~

~ these tiny shoes Tilly wore when we flew from Brisbane to Sydney when she was 9 days old… I can't tell you how excited I am to be about to put them on another wee pair of feet. So excited. 

  And when she woke up, Tilly and I had our favourite afternoon snack: homemade bread with homemade peanut butter. I don't care how crunchy granola hippy tragic that makes me sounds. It's delicious.

I hope you have a truly delicious weekend. 



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