a little giveaway!


Who doesn't love a cookbook?! Particularly one aimed at kids, with a bit of verve. Nothing condescending, no silly sandwiches. 

I was sent two copies of this one as part of a Nuffnang Product Talk, which means I'm not paid for this post and all opinions are mine alone! One copy for me, one for you!

This is a story plus a cookbook, a little tale of Lulu who loves to cook and her brother Harry, her sous chef.

They plan a party, things go wrong, and Grandma steps in and reminds them that the sign of a good chef isn't the person making something fancy, it's the one who can rescue any dish.

Sage advice. Party is a roaring success. Hooray for Lulu and Harry.

It's sweet. My kids loved reading the story.



Tilly picked out her next birthday cake from the recipes at the back.

And we made chocolate cupcakes from the "basic chocolate cake" recipe – don't you always want to test someone's "basic" recipe? Their fundamental, elemental best? It was pretty delicious. (Not as delicious as Nan's.)
There was some good yummy recipes here, and it's a pretty book, one the kids love flicking through.


It's always a good sign if a cookbook has bent, non pristine pages, isn't it? Ideally with a butter stain or two, perhaps the circle of a red wine glass?

Let me send you the un-scrunched copy!
Leave a comment and I'll pick one via a random number generator next week.
I'm happy to post overseas!
Hope you've got some cake in your week, or your equivalent treat. (Is there an equivalent to cake?)

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