A slice of Wednesday


One of my long-time favourite blogs closed down recently and it really got me thinking.

About how much time we spend recording and revisiting, about what we're not doing while we're busy blogging, about what the motivation behind blogging is. You know. Light and easy stuff. 

It strikes me that blogging, particularly at high frequency, is something people do for a specific period of time, but is something pretty hard to sustain long term.

Some people do it – I seriously don't know how Soulemama manages fresh and crafty posts day after day while homeschooling and mothering five children. I love The Pioneer Woman but there is so much going on over there now I find it hard to know where to look. Loobylu is one of the best long-term bloggers around and she had a huge hiatus a couple of years back (and earlier this year too.) 

It feel weird when a favourite blog closes down, like a breakup you kind of weren't involved in. 

My very good (real life) friend Estelle had a blog that I loved. I was very sad when she abandoned ship and I live in hope that because she hasn't cancelled her typepad subscription therefore she might make a comeback. Estelle is involved in my very favourite custard recipe (we put together her mother's recipe and my mother's recipe and got nirvana.)

She's a marvellous foodie. 

And she sent me a slice recipe, before I started this slice thing here. I thought it sounded WEIRD. 

She admitted it sounded nuts too, but urged me to try it. 

So today I did.

She called it the most amazing nutty, brownie like cakey slicey thing EVA. (Direct quote).

We might call it "Estelle's Insane Slice".

And FAR OUT it's really good. And if you thought the Easy Slice was easy, try this. 



Estelle's Insane Slice


1 cup crunchy peanut butter

ΒΌ cup honey

1 egg lightly beaten

1 tblsp cocoa


Mix all ingredients together and pour into a greased and lined loaf tin (mine was 22cm by 11cm) and bake for 20 mins on 180degC.

Estelle: "I'm not joking, that's it." (Direct quote.)

Four ingredients. It takes approximately two minutes to make.

Next time I'll double it and put it into a slice tin. 

Insanely good.

(Did I say we'd do a healthy meusli bar slice this week? Er, how 'bout next week?)

So do we think there's a future in blogging? This uniquely public record of private worlds? Or is it a strange and short-lived snapshot of all these domestic lives all over the globe that people will um over in a hundred years time. They're going to look at this slice and go, peanut butter, honey, egg and cocoa? Those pre-apocalyptic Australians, they were insane. And far out they ate a lot of slices. 



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