A slice of Wednesday (a day late)

Hi! Hello! Nice to see you!

Yep, sorry about the no-show. Remember what I said about being a daily blogger unless that day kicks my arse? Yesterday was a day. Far out. 

Dreadful headcold. Adam away working. Grouchy children. House a terrible mess. A promised afternoon outing with friends to an animal park which just felt like one long slog. Some days sail by, others you just feel like you never. stop. working. 

Then home to walk to hounds and I see feathers all over the driveway. I leave everyone in the car and walk around the back. I hear a chook in death throws. I see at least two cadavers. And it's not a fox. It's not a stray dog. It's one of my dogs. Escaped the yard somehow. About to end the life of another hen. 

I got the hen away (and she seems OK today). 

Four. Four hens dead. 

Which now brings us down to a laying flock of 14 (from 20). Not really enough to supply the Bikkies.

Not sure what to do. Our commercial laying flock, when we get it, will be protected from predators by electric fencing. Which will include our dogs, I guess. I'm a bit blue, to be honest. What a week. 

But today IS Thursday which means I owe you a slice! Here's yesterdays, given away while still warm. 




Which was kinda a mistake. Not the giving-away bit, the cutting while warm. You have to let this one set, otherwise it'll crumble everywhere. 

It's called the "Easy Slice" in the Mayflower Village Cookery Book. 


Not the most attractive! But super easy and quick. 


Oh, those sticky chewy caramelly edges!


Easy Slice

Recipe from Mayflower Village Cookery Book. 

1 pkt Nice biscuits (I used Arrowroot, 250g packet)

6 oz butter (this is approx 185g!)

1 pkt choc bits (my bag was 230g)

1 pkt walnut pieces (I used blanched almonds, 120g packet)

2 oz coconut (approx ¾ cup)

1 tin condensed milk (which is 395g)


Melt butter and pour into a slice tin. (I used an 18cm x 27cm tin). Crush biscuits and place in tin. Spread choc bits, then nut pieces then shredded coconut over. Pour tin of condensed milk over the lot and cook for 20 mins in a moderate oven (I set mine at 180C.)

I used dessicated coconut although the method mentions shredded. I think shredded would look better. I also did not follow the instructions and pour the butter into the tin first. I mixed the crushed biscuits with the butter and pressed into the tin. I wouldn't do this again. I think the butter would form a better base. I also didn't follow the instructions about the order of the choc bits, coconut and nuts. I think if you put the choc bits in first you'd up with a prettier, smoother top to your slice. 

[Edited note: please also see a revised version over here, made with Nice biscuits – much better, and melted butter into tin first. Also put choc bits on biscuit crumbs, then nuts (if using), then coconut, then condensed milk. Much better finished slice than the one pictured here.]

Pretty much if I'd had another packet of biscuits in the cupboard I would have made it again! In fact I might, and if I do I'll post another photo here. So much for from-scratch. I've never thrown away so many empty bags when making something!

I also think it would be nicer with peanuts, although the almonds worked well. 

I'd love to hear how it goes if you make it! Send me a photo! We could use yours instead!



And it's a slice that doesn't call for eggs. 

I firmly believe there is always, always an upside. 


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