A Slice of Wednesday: not quite a White Christmas



You know you're a bit saturated in northern hemisphere culture when your Australian kids ask whether it really is Christmas time, like, where's the snow?

We don't do fake snow on the trees or windows over here. We embrace a warm Christmas and a cool seafood lunch. 

More on Christmas traditions another day, I want to give you this White Christmas before it becomes a slice of Thursday. (By the way, chicken processing all went very well thank you, it was quick and interesting and the birds look wonderful. We had one roasted with lemon and garlic and thyme last night and it was nearly 4kg – a big bird – and delicious. But a 3.30am start and working all day yesterday and today in the commercial kitchen baking for a big market this weekend: I'm a bit cactus.)


Not Quite White Christmas

440g white chocolate (I just used 2 x 220g blocks), melted

1 cup rice bubbles

1 cup dried cranberries

1 cup (100g) slivered almonds

½ cup of shredded coconut


Melt the chocolate in a big bowl (I did this in the microwave) and stir all the other ingredients in together. 

Press into a slice tin and chill in the fridge for about half an hour until firm.


It takes precisely 2 minutes to make this and doesn't even need cooking

It's festive and simple and would look sweet stacked and wrapped in cellophane as a gift. 

My main challenge is hanging onto it until tomorrow night when my usual slice of Wednesday girls are getting together! (And staying awake until then.)

Have you had a good Wednesday? Is the run up to Christmas fun for you or if one more person asks you if you've finished your Christmas shopping are you going to poke them? 

Could just be me. 

Looking for my festive spirit. Looking, looking, looking. Meanwhile, White Christmas. Yummy.



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