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We had a trip back to Sydney today, Henry and I. 

We scooted up early this morning to see his specialist speech therapist and pediatrician who we're checking in with every few months. 

What a fabulous day. 

We got there early and swanned around a big brightly lit shopping centre and although we were feeling a bit dazzled we found some sparkly hi-top sneakers for Tilly and some Lego for him. 

We broke up the appointments with a visit to a super brand new squeaky perfect wee nephew. A highlight.  

And we finished the day with a flying visit to our old next door neighbours who we all miss dreadfully and who – all three teenagers – were all there to say hello. 

I realised that although I've been gone only four months, it took just that long to forget about the traffic, the narrowness of a busy six-lane road, the bright and looming fast food signs, the colour of the inner west, the stimulation of all those fluorescent lights we moved around under in one day. 

And although it's been only four months, it was like no time at all had passed when we were in the room of specialists whom we have genuine affection for, and like a continuation of a paused conversation as my favorite neighbor of all time poured me a cup of tea as we sat on her lounge for a chat. 

It was fab just hanging out with Henry too, funny smallie that he is. No sisters to contend with, just uninterrupted conversation. Largely about Angry Birds. But still, conversation. 

Hope you had a day with highlights too. 

One more:

Guess what didn't take me two years to make?


I didn't want her to think today was entirely about Henry. New mama-made beanie with crocheted flower. I'm just about up to crocheting an entire doily. Watch out, it'll be granny squares at high noon any day now. 


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