all about the girls

These two, actually.

This is quite an old photo of two of my favourite people in the world. Ten years old, in fact. On the left, my sister Naomi, on the right, my sister in law, Rachel.

Yes it looks like they're in some kind of incarceration facility but it is, rather, the front door to a basement apartment Adam and I lived in when we first came back from London. 

I also have lots of photos of these two in London, and other fun places, but they are not conveniently scanned and on a memory stick from my father in law (thanks, Jim.)

Once upon a time the four of us shared a one bedroom apartment in Bethnal Green in true Aussies-in-London fashion. It rocked. 

And we shared a LOT of meals at a place just like this:

Which brings me to my post. 

Ad and I took the smallies for an early dinner at above-mentioned noodle place and had a fab time (yep, a bit unexpectedly, smallies, public, all that.) And it took us back to those days (when we felt like adults) hanging with the sisters in Covent Garden. Eating number 42 Yaki Udon. Good times. 

(I hasten to add there's no free lunch/sponsorship/kickback thingo going on here… this is authentic nostalgia!)

What's new? Instead of being here with Nomie and Rach we're here with the kidlets. Who were great company. 


Instead of a hangover we have colouring in pencils!


The food is still really good. In fact, better than I remember. Maybe that's because we're in Sydney? And it was a glorious late afternoon and we had a view across Darling Harbour? I know, life really sucks. Poor me. 

If Nomie and Rach had been there it would have been perfect.




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