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Well hello!!

I'll be honest, as my little USB modem whirred to life for the first time this afternoon, I felt the relief of a junkie getting a hit. I didn't realize how plugged in I was until I was totally unplugged. I don't like it. I like the idea of meditating on a hilltop, but in reality I would suck at it. 

I'm a wired-up girl. 

And am now a happy one, plugged in, online. 


*Long deep exhalation of breath*

No, the move wasn't smooth. The removalists needed an extra truck and the house we moved into was in a direly dirty state, and THAT from someone with a significantly low grime-odometer. But we're in the process of unpacking and getting the hang of the place, and honestly, we're thrilled to pieces.  



 This, above, is my back gate. 

We have neighbours, and they are delightful. Again? Could we be that lucky?


There's lots of exploring and for me, getting used to not having children permanently in line of sight.  

It's all very exciting. 

And now: cupcakes. First baking foray with this oven. Tilly's going to a birthday party for a little girl down the road tomorrow. Let's go see how this oven works, shall we?



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