anatomy of a lovely day

What IS it that makes some days delightful and others dreadful?

A bunch of factors, usually, right?

A peaceful start, out the door without any yelling. Not losing a kid into my beloved neighbours yard looking for the cat/a beetle/a stick. Making it to school before the bell rings. Finding the missing school hat in lost property.

Coffee grown, picked, processed and roasted by my Dad. A delicious flat white.


Cake making. That will improve a day no end.

(The best bit.)

My easy orange cake.

I split the mix in half and cooked 2 in loaf tins, makes a small delicious morsel.

This is a 100% organic version, which I've never actually acheived, usually there's one or two non-organic ingredients. I know you know this but seriously it's so much better. Softer, crumblier, yummier.

It's a good day when you have the time to sit around and read stories. (Also motivated by needing to refresh self with what a Gruffalo looks like.)


It's also a really good day when you go scouring your favourite op shop (a.k.a. thrift store) looking for something to base the Gruffalo book week costume on and you find multiple tiny knitted things perfect for smallest person in the family.


Of course one small person does not need five new cardigans, but three of them were handknits, this pink one at the front unfinished and just crying out from the big bin of jumbled clothes for someone to cut all the unfinished threads and for a wee babe to wear it!

It's a good day when there's bread dough in the fridge and it's into the oven in a jiffy and out fresh and warm for lunch.



Playing phonetag all day with a beloved friend and managing to make an entire arrangement for the weekend via voicemail without ever actually speaking.

Catching up with another old friend for a late afternoon park play.

Chatting with my Dad on the phone, talking about the weather.

Skyping a much, much missed sister and blowing kisses to a precious niece, getting to watch her draw and stare into space and hold her favourite rabbit right up to the webcam to make sure I've seen it.

A bit of sewing at nap time in the middle of the day. That ups the ante of excellent-day-ness.

Particularly when the item is for a 2-month-old-today (!) and is therefore very small and doesn't require much sewing. Or ironing.


(Finishing it off tonight.)

Of course a day is lovely when she learns how to really smile. That is a great day.

And also when she sleeps.




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