and after the dry spell…





On Australia Day we got to do something totally, totally marvellous. We got to toast my marvellous Dad as he received an Order Of Australia Medal. If you're not local, maybe take my word that's it's a pretty big deal. We called him Sir (for about a day.) Some of his friends are persisting in calling him My Lord, accompanied by a bow. 

I listened to my Mum explain to my three nephews that it was an award for all Grandpa's work in the fire brigade and the OAM award stood for Old Age Malcolm. 

Totally wonderful.





Also totally wonderful was the brigade showing up in the two trucks, in uniform, in the morning to pay their respects and shake Dad's hand. That was pretty cool. On their way to the Australia Day breakfast in town, it was a nice touch to stop here. 

The phone rang and rang and rang and rang (the OAMs are published in the paper.)

And we hosted a little nice-one-Malcolm! lunch for his favourite friends. With all Buena Vista Farm food on the table, our tribute to the farmer without whom we'd be nothing and certainly not here. 



pork, sage & fennel sausages




Roast pork loin with apple sauce (and crackling!), quiche with roasted mushrooms

Roasted pastured chicken pies

Our spuds! Roasted with sea salt and rosemary.

I'm impossibly proud and happy that those fifty years of community service with the Rural Fire Service have been recognised. Dad of course was stunned by the award and takes no credit himself, says it's great for the brigade, and acknowledges the fellas who got him involved in the first place, and who he worked alongside for many years. 

It's wonderful. And then it rained for two whole days. We've got watermelons ripening on the vine and the tomatoes are going nuts. We're eating delicious fresh-picked zucchini in cakes and pasta and as a salad peeled into strips and dressed with olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar and fresh grated parmesan. 


Congratulations, Dad. It's an awesome acheivement and we're proud as punch. 

Gosh it's going to be a good year.


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