Apple and Strawberry Crumble



I know I always say that so I'm pretty much totally unconvincing but really, YUM!

I don't remember ever making crumble before. Adam says he thinks I have but I have no memory. And I certainly didn't have a crumble recipe. 

I googled 'apple crumble' and came up with many variations, three of which had the basic ingredients I wanted to use which I cobbled into this:

mix 1 cup oats

1/2 cup plain flour

1/2 cup brown sugar with

100g cold chopped butter. Rub in butter. 

Rub together until crumble-like. Y'know.

Peel and slice three green apples in a baking dish with one punnet of sliced strawberries. Spoon 'crumble' over the top and cook in moderate oven (180°) for approx half an hour.

NOTE: Strawberries wouldn't have been my first thought for fruit paired with apple. I'd think apple/blueberry or apple/blackberry but I really have a lot of strawberries at present (see Friday's post) and am thinking up ways to use them before my children turn into strawberries from eating so many sliced on yoghurt, blended in smoothies, in multiple small IKEA bowls generally…

NOTE 2: I made this crumble for beloved sister Suzie and family on Saturday for lunch. This plate, photographed, is actually Suzie's plate. Which she watched me whisk off the table to photograph before I gave it back to her. Icecream only a tad melted. *cough*. Tolerance as virtue and all that, hey?! She was very patient as everyone else at the table tucked in. Family is brutal. 

NOTE 3: Guess what? 

More strawberries tomorrow!!!


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