Applesauce Loaf

Hi! Just posting the recipe I promised on Friday for the Applesauce loaf.

Alex suggested that I might want to double the recipe to fill the tin and until she made this comment I hadn't realised how funny this loaf looked!

The recipe actually already make 2 loaves, this one, above (the only one I photographed!) is made in my 2nd tin which is a high-sided bread loaf tin. The other loaf looked normal! (And this one is a good height when turned out!)

The recipe came from my friend Jodi, whose Mum sent it to her from Canada. Betty (Jodi's mum) had cut it out of a local newspaper and because I really like to properly source all the recipes I use here, I had to do a bit of digging but I found the original online news article from last year that the printed page came from.

So you'll see, the original is much more cakey, less loafy, and she's drizzled a sugar glaze over it which I abandoned being the sugar Nazi that I am. (The one I first tried that Jodi made had the glaze. Yes it's delicious and nicer. You choose!) 

Applesauce cake.


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