We got in the car yesterday, and drove for eight hours, and here we are on holidays. 

We're so incredibly lucky the kids travel peacefully and happily without exception (OK, one "I'm BORED") from the four year old which was assuaged by a square of chocolate and the old portable DVD player strung up between the headrests. 

Comes from locking them in the car for long stretches between Brisbane and Sydney at a young impressionable age I think.

So I'm just going to post the odd postcard here this week. I love a long car trip with Adam, he has nowhere to go and I can talk unhindered to him for ages. Awesome. 

More than that, I love being away with this little Walmsley crew. Out of the routine, change of scene. All fun. 

Hope your week is shaping up well, and if you're in school holidays where you are too, that you're having a break or at least the juggle of childcare and work isn't anxiety-producing.

Wish you were here!



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