babe in arms

My smallest smallie is a bit unwell. Not sure what happened but at 2pm today, just as we were going into Henry's speech therapy, she started crying, unconsolably, and has kinda cried and slept in fifteen minute increments since. 

She let me put her down last time she dropped off which gives me about another 5 minutes here so I'll be quick!

I had a delivery today:


I do a bit of quarterly freelance work for a friend's company and when I get paid I have a little shop. I've never "shopped", you know, clothes, shoes, yada yada. Bores me to tears. 

Books, however. *cough*. I have an Amazon wish list a mile long. Maybe two miles. 

This little loot I've been wishing for for ages, and I'm so excited I don't know where to start. 



Radical Homemakers which I've read so much about? Good to the Grain which I want to read from cover to cover? Might have to be The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved which I first heard about over here

Right. Time's up. That's the wee girl calling. Could be a long night. 


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