Thanks for the lovely comments, emails and messages – after getting seriously worse my back is now much much better.

Am so enamored of the effect of physio plus acupuncture that am almost convinced I need to retrain as an acupuncturist! Amazing stuff!

I've been lying very low and relying on a lot of help for the last few days; there was a point at which, for a few days, I had to get someone else to lift Ivy out of her cot to feed her. To those mothers with ongoing chronic back problems, my heart goes out to you.

So am back upright and have a clearer head and am feeling very grateful for the little things:


:: babies who sleep anywhere and easily



:: Anzacs (recipe)



:: reading!


 :: the yeasty smell of the first loaf of bread rising since Thursday



:: and perhaps surprisingly – delicious chicken soup!

Yep, somewhere along there a week or so ago I woke up one day really really really needing to eat some red meat. And so I did. After my meat-free May turned into our meat-free year, I now know for sure there are hundreds of cheap, fabulous vegetarian meals to cook. But right now I seem to need heme iron and lots of protein. 

I hope the appearance of the odd meat based recipe back here won't upset my vegetarian friends. 

Hope you are all very well and that there are little things thrilling you too. 



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