Bambi loving (and giveaway)

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The love affair with Bambi started here. 


Tilly and her animals. 

She is so in love with them.

A friend gave us the Disney movie 'Bambi' a while back and Tilly was smitten from the first bars of music. She's watched it many times, but I hadn't seen it all the way through since I was a kid.

Have you seen it? It's the original 'circle of life' story with gorgeous forest creatures rather than African animals. The music is about as familiar and I'm not sure about you but the characters peopled my childhood. I had a Bambi pillowslip. My sister had a Bambi beach towel. Maybe it was the other way around. It was just kinda magic, that movie. 

So Disney are re-releasing Bambi out of the vault (30 March 2011) and I sat down with Tilly (and popcorn) and watched it again this week. It's still totally magic, now in high definition.


Bambi DE Value Pack 3D Beauty shot


I was surprised at how little dialogue there is, maybe that's part of its appeal for smallies, and there were whole pieces I didn't remember. There is something delightfully simple and honest about it and it's no wonder kids adore it. (There's also something really heartwarming about the fact they still connect to it.) It's about innocence and friendship and courage. Remember Thumper? And Flower? And Owl?! Classic!

Disney are giving away three copies of the Blu-ray & DVD Value Pack, hooray! You just need to answer this question:


Q: What do you get when you cross Bambi and a ghost?

A: BamBOO!


No, sorry, that's not it. 

You need to answer THIS question:


What's the bravest thing you've ever done?


Disney will pick the best three answers to receive a copy of the movie on Blu-ray and DVD!

Bravest thing I've ever done? Childbirth without drugs. Or killing a freaking enormous Huntsman spider with a kids shoe (which means significantly close proximity.) Or sleeping in a TOTALLY haunted dorm room in Berlin. Man that was seriously scary.

Your turn!


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