Beauty and the Beast giveaway!

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I haven't done a sponsored post before because nothing that's been proposed was really right for me (or you.)

This one, however, I could not turn down.

Beauty and the Beast! My all-time favourite Disney animation!

I've seen it a hundred times and I, er, may even own the soundtrack. The music is GREAT. And when I was twenty I may have pretended to listen to Triple J and in my discman was actually Belle, Gaston and Be Our Guest.

Oh judge me if you will. 

Quick revision:


Want to see it on Disney DVD in high definition, all digitally restored? Stick with me!


We have a dedicated family tradition of Saturday night pizza and movie night. (Pizza every week?! Homemade and covered with vegetables. 100% virtuous.) Popcorn also tends to appear. 

So here we are: the family cosies up on the couch. There's an enormous roast pumpkin and goats cheese pizza to share and a lovely bottle of red wine for the grown ups. The lights are dim, just enough to see the pizza on it's way to your mouth. The DVD is in, that wonderful opening music begins and everyone's busting with anticipation. 

Is this your family? No, mine neither. 

We don't all fit on one couch. The kids don't like goats cheese. I'm breastfeeding, not drinking. There is always some degree of pizza spillage and it's rare we're all genuinely excited with the DVD of choice. (At least Adam's not and is possibly reading the newspaper.)

Beauty and the Beast is a sweet story. It's about deceitful appearances and finding the beauty within. While the view from the door of our pizza/movie nights may usually be messy, a bit disorganized and someone has popcorn in their hair, at its heart is a gorgeous family moment. Bring on the Disney.

We all sat around and LOVED this movie. Again. 

I loved Tilly's narration, "Oh, he's dead," every time someone fell over. I loved the fact that 'Gaston' is so funny, the lyrics lost on the kids but really funny for Adam and me. I love the music, I love the brightness of this digitally restored version. 

It's available now in stores and for a limited time only, but guess what! As I may, um, already own a copy of this marvelous movie I'm giving this new one away!

Leave a comment and tell me a family tradition you have, however small. I'll pick a winner on Monday night and I'll post anywhere (it says it's Region 4 if that means anything to you!)



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