In winter last year I knitted Henry a scarf. It's the first knitted thing I ever finished and he loves it so much. I was very proud.

Tilly doesn't really need a new scarf but it was a good pattern and was helpful in getting me (an inexperienced knitter) used to identifying whether I'd just done a pearl or knit row (particularly after I put it down for the hundredth time in the day to go and do something else!) 

This new scarf is serving the same purpose: practice, mainly, before I try something a bit harder. 

I started it three times over the weekend. The first time I cast on the prescribed number of stitches but it was way too wide for a child's scarf so after about 50cms in length I stopped and unravelled it. I made it narrower but dropped a couple of stitches so unravelled it again. 

This is my third attempt:

It's super quick to knit up and Tilly is very impatient so I will try to finish it tonight!

I had a lovely morning on Saturday wandering unaccompanied in the city, a rare treat, and wandered into Lincraft only to find they are having a huge sale!

This gorgeous stuff is not destined to be Adam's beanie, but came with it's own pattern which you'll see soon!

Fat quarters. I'm not a quilter, but the fabrics were so wonderful I couldn't resist… something else?

And inspired by this post I went hunting for pants fabric for Henry. I think he only gets one (whales) and Tilly gets two…

And because I just can't get enough of ladybirds:


One more exciting new beginning… we're doing some rearranging around here. Watch this space to see what this disaster of a storage area becomes!


Happy Monday, lovely people.


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