birthday cake

All of a sudden our oldest kid is seven.



SEVEN. That's like almost TEN.




And it seems like all of a sudden he's eating like a horse

looking me straight in the eye

remembering to thank people for stuff without prompting

able to find his shoes in the morning (and put them on)


referring to his littlest sister as My Darling

including his other sister in games with his friends.


And so, as panic sets in that this complete sweetheartness is setting us up for what must be an epic fall into Eight, we lit seven candles and tucked into what has become our family birthday cake of choice, this chocolate cake

Have you made it?

I totally ostentatiously named it Utterly Awesome Chocolate Cake and I stand by that promise. You won't be disappointed. 

The musical statues were fun, the balloons tied to ankles and who-can-be-last-one-unpopped was cool, the jelly snakes suspended from fishing rods was a hit (who can eat it quickest with hands behind back), but for me it's not a birthday party without that cake. 



(Ideally with leftovers.)

Happy birthday to our awesome Henry Bean. You rock, little man.


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